Priority Mail Shipping in the USA Included!
As stated on the front page this site has been born out of consumer frustration! Tired of hearing that the simple a/c clutch bearing the site owner was looking for could not be ordered or located- he did just that. Not only was the several hundred dollars in savings a tremendous victory- it was also a call to action.

We are currently selling a/c clutch bearings, and ONLY a/c clutch bearings. We do not try to sell add-on items or junk you don't need. It is amazing, in the short time that we have done this, how a few other a/c clutch bearings have managed to hit the market. We take FULL CREDIT for this fact... it is sincerely our initial offering of a/c clutch bearings that suddenly has made the "unavailable" to "available"(although they are still hard-to-find!)

The reason these bearings have become slightly less hard to find, is simple. The manufacturers realize if they put just enough bearings out there.. at an insanely cheap price... they can eliminate competition. They do this, IN OUR OPINION, by selling low-quality bearings- at ridiculously low prices- that will fail and reinforce the notion that bearing repairs do not work. This is more corporate deceit and an attempt to eliminate any bearing suppliers from the market. Once the large corporations have removed bearing suppliers from the market, you will then, AGAIN, be FORCED to purchase an entire a/c clutch assembly.

Although we may not always have the absolute lowest price, we would sincerely appreciate your support. We believe a slightly higher mark-up on a US$30-US$60 bearing can be justified so that we may continue to supply bearings. The alternative would be our elmination and consumers would be forced to pay for entire a/c clutch assemblies, which in our opinion- 9 times out of 10- they simply DO NOT NEED!

Our contact information

BY EMAIL: We have changed the contact email to a more appropriate address, contact us at:

By standard mail:

309 ST Louis Ave

Rockford IL 61104

Shipping Information: All bearing orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours(in rare circumstances we reserve the right to take up to 48 hours to process your payment and order). All orders are sent via USPS Priority Mail for a nominal charge of $6.99 Additional bearings are shipped for the nominal fee of $1 each when added to the inital minimum order of 1 bearing.
(So 3 bearings would be $6.99 + $1 + $1 = $8.99 via USPS Priority Mail)

If you are require expedited shipping of your bearing so that you may get your vehicle up and running as soon as possible, we offer 2 business day shipping. This shipping method is the fastest we currently offer and is guaranteed to arrive within 2 full business days of order placement or your shipping fee is refunded. When you choose "2 business day" shipping, all orders are shipped via USPS Express Mail and will "usually" be there the next day when orders are placed by 11AM CDT. This shipping service may not be available as a choice within our shipping options from time-to-time due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you would prefer UPS, the option is available for an additional charge. We emphasize that UPS will usually take LONGER for your bearing to reach you. UPS delivery charges are based upon weight and your location.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Due to our quick shipping times, once an order is placed it is rare for an order to be cancelled prior to shipment. Should you decide you need to cancel an order, please email us IMMEDIATELY and we will do our best to cancel the order. As long as the order has not shipped out, we will be happy to assist in your order cancellation.

In order to minimize "trial and error" orders we must decline returns. As bearings are "specialty parts" of which customer's expect a 100% NEW bearing to exacting specifications- we will NOT accept returns. Please be certain of your measurements prior to ordering. We simply cannot accept returns as a few previous customers have attempted to clean their old bearings and send them to us claiming "a simple return". This does NOT work and causes grief to all parties involved.